State Hearing & Audiology PC FAQs

Have a hearing-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

We have more experience and more education than many others providing hearing aids near Utica, NY. We offer lower prices and require you to do a free trial period to ensure that you love your hearing aids and that they work properly for your needs.

Today’s advanced hearing aids are very effective. Recent developments in technology have resulted in hearing aids that are easy to use, effective, and comfortable to wear. Contact us to learn more about how hearing aids work and how to get hearing aids in Utica, NY

Battery life varies based on the battery size as well as active features being used throughout the day, such as wireless streaming and how often some features need to engage and disengage based on your environment. We provide many hearing aids in Utica, NY with rechargeable batteries, which is extremely convenient!

Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to a normal level, but rather help to amplify and distinguish sounds in a wide range of listening environments. If your hearing aids aren’t amplifying sounds, call us for hearing aid repair in Utica, NY.

No hearing aid can completely eliminate background noise, but technology now allows us to de-emphasize noise-like sounds. We offer many digital aids in Utica, NY that distinguish between speech and non-speech sounds to help keep wearers engaged in and attuned to conversations, even in noisy situations.

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