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How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

Healthy communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Healthy communication is based on the premise that both parties are open to hear the other and honest with each other.  However, when you cannot hear the other person, healthy communication becomes compromised. 

Hearing loss is a serious issue dealt with by approximately 48 million adults of all ages in the US and rising. It’s more than just an issue with hearing, but a communication issue. When people struggle to hear, it becomes a challenge to connect to family, friends, co-workers and even significant others. 

This is why it is important to deal with any hearing loss as soon as possible. The longer it goes on, the deeper the rifts it can cause in your most precious relationships.

Speech Recognition and Hearing Loss

While it is important to deal with any hearing loss before it has a chance to affect your relationships, it can often be difficult to diagnose a hearing loss before it becomes a serious issue. This is because hearing loss is a progressive condition, starting slowly and growing worse over time. 

At first hearing loss might materialize as the loss of only certain tones, pitches and consonants. This creates instances where only small parts of speech are lost. These breaks in conversation may be subtle but they can make it difficult to follow conversation with the people in your life. 

Not only does this cause frustration and resentment in relationships but can be exhausting for people struggling with hearing loss. It can tax anyone’s energy when they are constantly struggling to piece together conversation with limited information. 

Many people with untreated hearing loss will choose to avoid social interactions rather than subject themselves to the exhaustion caused by listening with hearing loss. This leads to higher instances of isolation, depression and anxiety.

Hearing Loss and Romantic Partners

At home casual conversation with your partner can become a source of frustration, as misunderstandings become commonplace when hearing loss goes untreated. 

You may not suspect that it’s the inside jokes and casual conversation which builds closeness but it actually fosters deeper intimacy in partners. When the comfort and ease of casual conversation becomes diminished, relationships begin to suffer. 

Hearing Loss at Work

At work employers and co-workers often grow tired of misunderstandings due to hearing issues. In workplace environments people with untreated hearing loss are less likely to be promoted and passed over for raises. While this type of discrimination is illegal as declared by the American Disability Act (ADA) but this does not always prevent it, especially when hearing loss goes untreated.

Treating Your Hearing Loss

Don’t let hearing loss progress to this point. Your relationships with loved ones, at work and with friends is one of the most valuable aspects of many people’s life. Hearing loss in most cases is a permanent condition. However it can be effectively dealt with by wearing hearing aids consistently. 

Our team can program your hearing aids, to pick up the sounds that you individually struggle with. This can start to repair the breaks in communication. You will no longer struggle to hear your significant other, your friends and co-workers. You can start to rebuild the rifts that may have formed while communication was compromised. 

A Commonly Ignored Condition

While it is widely understood that hearing aids can rebuild communication in relationships, sadly, only one in four individuals with hearing loss choose to wear hearing aids. This leaves three quarters of the population avoiding their hearing issues and allowing rifts in relationships to grow deeper. 

A recent study found that 44 percent of over 55-year-olds said their romantic relationship suffered because one or both individuals suffered from hearing loss, while 53 percent reported a positive impact on their relationship after using hearing aids. 

Don’t Let Resentment Build

The sooner you deal with your hearing loss, the sooner you can start to rebuild the distance which hearing loss so often causes. You will be able to casually joke and speak to the people in your life. They can begin to rely on you to hear what they are saying. 

The quality of your relationships at work and home are just too valuable to ignore another day. If you suspect you have even a little bit of hearing loss the time to act is now. 

Don’t let hearing loss go untreated and start to sabotage your relationships. Make an appointment with us for a hearing test today and stay on top of clear communication with the people in your life who matter most.

Jon Suarez, MS, F/AAA
Jon Suarez, MS, F/AAA
Received his Masters in Audiology from Central Missouri State. He also holds a BS in Communication Disorders and Sciences, and a BA in Philosophy, both from SUNY Plattsburgh. Jon has been a licensed Audiologist since 2004, was certified as a Professional Supervisor for Audiometric Testing, and as an Occupational Hearing Conservationist. Aside from his work in our area, Jon is also associated with, and donates equipment to, All Ears International.
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