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March 24, 2021
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February 14, 2022

Signs That You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

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Hearing aids are a life-changing investment for people who have hearing loss. But like any other piece of technology, they can break down and require repair or servicing. If you’re in the market for hearing aids, it pays to do your research before purchasing so that you know what kind of service options will be available if anything goes wrong with your device.

For most people, this usually means returning the units back to the manufacturer for repairs or sending them off to an authorized dealer for service. But depending on where you live, there may also be local providers near you who can handle all of your needs right from start to finish, including repairs and maintenance. Here are some common reasons why you might need hearing aid repair services:

1. The Device Is Producing a Buzzing Sound in Your Ears

If this happens, it could be caused by one of several things, including poor quality batteries or a fault in the hearing aid receiver. If there is an issue with the receiver, you won’t be able to hear anything at all, so you may want to schedule an appointment with your hearing aid repair service provider right away.

2. You Are Experiencing Volume Control Issues

Your hearing aid’s volume control might not work properly, so that sounds are either too loud or muted unexpectedly without warning, which could cause you to miss important sounds or even feel uncomfortable in certain situations. If this is the case, you may need to visit an audiologist for hearing aid repairs.

3. The Device Has Water Damage

If this happens, it’s important to clean and dry them immediately, which will usually involve removing the batteries. You should also try to get an appointment with your hearing aid repair services provider right away to avoid causing permanent damage if it has not already happened.

4. The Device Could Have a Cracked Receiver

This can happen if the ear molds do not fit correctly into your ears or if you drop them on something hard. Cracked receivers can be repaired by replacing parts on the internal components, but this should only be done by a certified hearing aid repair service provider.

5. The Device Could Have a Faulty Microphone

Sometimes the battery may not be dead, but the microphone is what’s causing your hearing aids to give out. This might happen if you accidentally put them in backward or damage them during normal cleaning and care. It could even just be worn out after too much use. In any case, this kind of problem can usually be fixed by getting in touch with a local service provider.

6. The Device Could Have a Faulty Receiver

This is the piece that actually transmits sound directly to your ears, and it’s what makes hearing aids so great. If this component is faulty, you may hear buzzing or other strange sounds instead of actual speech. A single problem with the transmitter can mean that only one ear hears sound, which can be very distracting and cause communication problems.

7. The Device Could Have Something Stuck Inside of Them

Conductive gel build-up on reeds, wax builds up where a reed is rubbing against your skin, food or drink particles jammed inside the receiver, or moisture build-up. This is why getting a cleaning and check-up from a local provider is so important. While you could clean it yourself at home, without proper knowledge, you may end up causing more damage than good.

8. The Device Could Have a Faulty Switch

These are the parts that allow hearing aids to be turned on and off. Without a working switch, your hearing aids won’t work at all. Remember, switches are very sensitive and often need to be replaced by trained technicians.

Various things could go wrong with your hearing aids through wear and tear. But don’t worry, State Hearing and Audiology, PC can help you get back up to speed. For more information about our hearing aid repair services, call us today.

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