The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss
The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss
February 15, 2019
Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids
Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids
April 19, 2019

A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids

A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids

Have you been diagnosed with a hearing loss and are searching for a pair of hearing aids? Congratulations on taking control of your hearing! We guarantee you won’t regret it. During a recent survey of hearing aid users, 83% of the respondents reported being satisfied with their choice, regardless of the hearing aid brand and model they chose. It is no surprise, given the myriad of benefits that hearing aids offer.

We understand that buying hearing aids is a big investment and might initially seem like a daunting task. With a little forethought however, you can choose the right pair for you. For those looking to make the leap, here’s a guide to buying your first pair of hearing aids.

1. Buddy up

The first appointment can be a little overwhelming so it helps to bring another person along who can help you absorb the information. They might think of a question that you didn’t consider before. On the drive home, you then have somebody to consider all the options with, so that you can make a better-informed decision. And who knows, they might decide to take charge of their own hearing.

2. Assess your needs

Your next step is to think about your lifestyle and daily activities. Are you always on the phone with somebody? A hearing aid that can directly stream audio from your phone will be great for you needs. Are you a sports fanatic? A durable hearing aid with higher moisture resistance should be considered. If convenience is of upmost importance to you, rechargeable models will really appeal.

Bring your specific needs to your hearing health provider, and they can help you to find the right device which fits with your lifestyle. Whether you’re a TV junkie or a social butterfly who likes to talk to friends in noisy places, there are hearing solutions out there that can help you get the most from the things you like to do.

3. Double check the settings

During your hearing aid fitting, make sure you are comfortable with the fit, the sound quality, and changing between settings. Everything needs to be working properly and you need to understand how to adjust the programs and features.  Your hearing practitioner can make adjustments so that you are totally happy when you leave. Having said that, it is normal for settings to appear optimal in the office, but quickly become unsuitable for use ‘in the wild’. It is therefore normal to come back to the office for adjustments.

Your hearing practitioner can continue make adjustments at follow-up meetings until you are completely happy.

4. Give it time

Make no mistake, hearing aids will take some time to get used to. It might take up to four months to adapt to your hearing aids and to really get the most out of them. Your brain is adapting to a new sound environment, processing much more sound that it is used to. You have spent a lot of money and it’s natural to want to reap the benefits of that financial investment right away. Unfortunately, putting on a new pair of hearing aids is not like putting on a pair of glasses.

You should try and stay positive and commit to wearing your hearing aids throughout your day, every day. Try to acknowledge that you will get frustrated early on, and this is natural. By taking the time to adjust to your new hearing aids, you will notice small improvements and your confidence will grow as a result.

5. Keep in touch with your hearing practitioner

The care of your hearing practitioner does not end the moment you leave the office with your new hearing aids. Be sure to take advantage of follow-up appointments. As you continue to use your devices in your daily life, new questions and needs will inevitably arise. Hearing aids often need to be adjusted several times during the first few months, so don’t be afraid to take them back to the office for adjustments.

Before you leave the office, schedule a follow-up appointment. And continue to schedule appointments until you are certain you are getting the most from your hearing aids.

At State Hearing and Audiology, we’re committed to ensuring that you are completely happy with your hearing aids. We have years of experience helping people chose the correct hearing aid for their lifestyles. Those who are looking to buy their first set of hearing aids should look no further. Schedule a consultation with us today!

Jon Suarez, MS, F/AAA
Jon Suarez, MS, F/AAA
Received his Masters in Audiology from Central Missouri State. He also holds a BS in Communication Disorders and Sciences, and a BA in Philosophy, both from SUNY Plattsburgh. Jon has been a licensed Audiologist since 2004, was certified as a Professional Supervisor for Audiometric Testing, and as an Occupational Hearing Conservationist. Aside from his work in our area, Jon is also associated with, and donates equipment to, All Ears International.
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